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About Us


Founded in 2015 by a retired aviation professional and pilot with more than 40 years of experience who during his career stumbled into many chock issues. Once retired, he found the time and started to solve these different chock issues and worked on a solution.

Assisting him is his daughter, also passionate about the aviation industry. Her experience comes from commercial and private aviation as well as being a private pilot herself.

Here are just some examples we are sure you familiar with:

  • Unavailable or limited chock service at your destination airport;
  • Chocks often getting stuck under your wheel;
  • Chocks skidding away during wind gusts;
  • Impractical to carry them with you on board “Heavy weighed & Bulky”;
  • Limited space on your towing trucks which can endanger safety operation;
  • Mess in your hanger;
  • High workload for yourself, Ramp personal, Pilots, handling agents who secure the aircraft with traditional rubber chocks weighing 7kg-12kg |15lb-26lb and most of the time they are paired with a rope so they end up carrying twice the amount of weight.

ALPHACHOCKS values are all about Safety, Quality, Innovation, Adaptability and Sustainability.




“Safety first” it’s at heart of what we at ALPHACHOCKS do.

For personnel:

By being 10 to 20 times lighter than standard chocks, your staff will not be affected by any injury related to lifting heavy weights.

For your aircraft:

It truly secures your aircraft by locking over the dead center, meaning the more pressure applied the more it holds. Your airplane will never move an inch even during the most adverse weather conditions*.

 As it never gets stuck you will never have to put strain on your landing gear to remove a jammed chock.

They are so light and compact that you can carry them on board and never worry again that you won’t have chocks available even on the most remote destination.

* does not apply to major causes: tornados, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tsunami etc.




We do not compromise on anything. 100% Swiss Made, from the material, the engineering, to the final assembly.

Nothing is standard. Our chocks are made with the best material known in the market.

MINI and MID are made out of 6082 T6 Forged Aluminum that get even stronger in rigid weather condition.

MAX on the other hand is made out of the latest Carbon fiber composite technology called ACC-Process (Automated Composite Compression Process). This new technology involves cutting the carbon in small chips, applying them randomly in the forms and then using high pressure to create the shape. By doing so, the amount of Carbon fiber is much more concentrated in the same given space as using carbon fiber alone.

This innovative procedure led to various awards such as the Publikums Award in 2020 at the Swiss Plastics EXPO in Lucerne, Switzerland.

To ensure you the highest of quality and authenticity all our chocks come with their own unique serial number.




ALPHACHOCKS are designed  using the latest computer software in order to calculate the use of ultimate strength in combination with lowest weight possible.

The foldable mechanism allows ALPHACHOCKS to work in a completely new way. Minimum weight allowing maximum performance.




Three sizes fit all. With only three chocks we managed to cover all aircraft’s needs. From the MINI that is so compact that can easily fit under any light weighted aircraft with fearing. To MAX that will keep your heaviest cargo plane from moving even an inch during adverse weather conditions.

In addition, our accessories offer you a year around protection. We offer spikes to have an even stronger grip on icy surfaces. Rhino Polyurethane offers more adhesion to the floor, protecting so, your chock and your hanger floor. 

Today’s world is all about customization. We at ALPHACHOCKS care about your individuality. That’s why we offer you multiple customization features. Such as, laser engraving of your company logo or aircraft registration number on the chocks, you can pick any RAL color for them, and even the soft-cases are customizable to your own taste.




Our chocks are durable and eco-friendly. They have been created with 100% recyclable materials. Due to the elevated quality of the materials and technology used, they will last you years to come, reducing so your environmental footprint. Furthermore, by only adding a few accessories you are able to use the same chocks in any given condition. They will last you longer and perform better all year around.

ALPHACHOCKS simplifying your daily operations and bringing chocking to the next level.



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