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ALPHACHOCKS is the safest and lightest solution for an ongoing challenge in the aviation industry.Explore all

We use today's highest materials and engineering to deliver you 100% Swiss made premium chocks.
Our products are all about safety, innovation, quality, adaptability and sustainability, simplifying your daily operations and bringing chocking to the next level.


We safeguard all ranges of aircraft. From ALPHACHOCKS MINI that is ideal for your aircraft with wheel fairings to ALPHACHOCKS MAX that will offer maximum protection for the world´s heaviest aircraft.


ALPHACHOCKS, introducing you with chocks that are 10 to 20 times lighter and compacter than traditional rubber chocks.
Its advanced foldable mechanism ensures an easy application and removal at all times.


UPS or FedEx with signature upon delivery requirement.

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Generally, 2-3 business days for your order to dispatched.

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This is where you will find useful information about our products.

MINI Chock Brochure

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