A retired Aviation professional who has run many times during his career into chock issues such as:

·        Unavailable or limited chock service in the destination airport for secure parking

·        High chock service fees charged by FBO’s

·        Impractical to carry on aircrafts heavy bulky rubber chocks

·        Removal of rubber chocks when under load requires a tow truck

·        Various chock designs skid away when wheel touches the chock during wind gusts (Sure you also know a story were the Pilots found their aircraft either off the ramp or blown into another aircraft)


·        Heavy workload for the Ramp personal to handle the existing 7 to 12 kilos (15 to 26 pounds) chocks and most of the time they are paired with a rope so they have to carry even twice the weight

·        Mess and limited space on tow trucks to load the bulky rubber chocks which endangers safety of the operation.

Once he retired he found the time and started to solve the chock issues and worked on such a solution. The result is a collapsible, forged aluminum chock that weighs just 1.3 kilos (2.9 pounds). “A set of six weighs less than one rubber chock,” Stieger explained.

The goal was to encounter a strong, low weight & low volume removal under load. Alphachocks will also ease the Ramp personal workload and enable you to carry it on aircrafts with less use of valuable baggage compartment space and weight which adds up to the fuel consumption.

Alphachocks were designed and stress calculated with the state of the art approved computer software in order to calculate the use of ultimate strength in combination with lowest weight possible.


6082 T6 forged Aluminum, strongest available in the market today,  is used to achieve the optimum strength/weight for the Alphachock Parts



Hinges locked over the dead center gave the solution to abolish bulkiness and incapability of ground handling personnel to remove the chock under load.

click to see the video  https://youtu.be/NKc1aiVfq9Q

This is a common problem when chocks are under load click to see the video

click to see the video https://youtu.be/pSlpRWH_Ewc

Alphachocks releases your aircraft from parking position the easy way.

click to see the video https://youtu.be/bOvtCN9EuQY

16 Carbide spikes strong as diamante are in touch with ground ensuring ultimate grip to the flooring of each type and on the same time protects your chock from damage.


Bungee securing system in pairs of Alphachocks, allows you the possibility during extreme weather conditions to secure your aircraft in place.

6 bungees are included in the Alphachock suitcase but they can be purchased separately for less # Alphachocks obtained.



In order to solve the problem to carry enough chocks to secure safely your airplane  at your destination, a 6-set Alphachocks suitcase which glows at night is available, including 6 bungees to use during extreme weather condition, securing your aircraft with no further worries. The whole 6-set suitcase weighs and takes space less than 1 bulky rubber chock on your airplane.


2-set Alphachocks with softcase available


After customer input we offer also Alphachocks Series 1 on one side Rhino coated without carbide inserts for sensitive epoxy and polyeruthane hangar floors


Optional customized laser engraving of your Alphachocks in your aircraft registration,name or company logo
and color of your choice

Optional stainless steel chock holder is available for storing safely your chocks on the side of the tow truck.


Highlights of Alphachocks:

·        Lightweight very strong collapsible Chock

·        Made out of forged aluminum with stainless hardware

·        16 carbide inserts protect aluminum from wearing on tarmac and skidding

·        No sparks during operation/eliminating fire hazards during fueling

·        All weather hydraulic fluid fuel and other chemical resistant

·        Powder coated with primer and orange topcoat


Dimensions of Alphachock:

Open           220mm x 220mm x100mm (8.6 x 8.6 x 4 inch)                     weight 1.3 kilo (2.9 lbs.)

Folded         340mm x 40mm x100mm (13.4 x 1.6 x 4 inch)                     weight 1.3 kilo (2.9 lbs.)


Dimensions of 6-set Alphachock suitcase including 6 ea. Alphachocks and 6 bungee cords:

391mm x 304mm x 164mm (15.4 x 12 x 6.5 inch)                                      weight 9 kilo (19 lbs.)

Dimensions of 2-set Alphachocks softcase including 2 ea. Alphachocks:

340mm x 100mm x 70 mm (13.3 x 3.9 x 2.7 inch)                                  weight 2.9 kilo (6.3 lbs.)

On request of Airlines and Aircraft handling companies our company developed Alphachocks Series 2 fulfilling criteria of low weight carriage for employees in avoidance of future health problems and less space stowage on tractors and on board of the airplanes.



for aircrafts up to 350 tonnes per wheel (771617 lb) MTOW and wheel diameter up to 150 centimeters (59 inch.)
Length  : Open Position 427 mm (16,8 inch.)  Folded Position 671 mm (26 inch.)
Height  : Open Position 310 mm (12 inch.)  Folded Position 50 mm (2 inch.)
Width   : Open Position 250 mm (9.8 inch.)  Folded Position 250 mm (9.8 inch.)
Weight : 7,8 kg (17 lb)




for aircrafts up to 20 tonnes per wheel (44000 lb) MTOW and wheel diameter up to 50 centimeters (20 inch.)
Length  : Open Position 140 mm (5,5 inch.)  Folded Position 140 mm (5,5 inch.)
Height  : Open Position 65 mm (2,5 inch.)  Folded Position 35 mm (1,3 inch.)
Width   : Open Position 100 mm (4 inch.)  Folded Position 100 mm (4 inch.)
Weight : 0,3 kg (10 oz )


Dimensions of 2-set Alphachocks MINI including 2 ea. Alphachocks MINI:

150mm x 60mm x 110mm cm (6 x 2,5 x 4,3 inch)                                weight 0,8kg  (28 oz)